API Overview

Why have we created a competition API?

Golfers are always in competition either with each other or against the course.  As part of our iPhone app “Golf Scorecard Pro” we added a competition feature that allows competitions to be scored in real time.  This allows golfers to create their very own Masters or Opens.  There is a buzz on the course and in the club house.

However, not all golfers have an iPhone and of those that do, not all of them have Golf Scorecard Pro.  Like golf equipment and pizza toppings we all have our own preferences.  This is why we wanted to open the competition functionality to all golf apps on all platforms.  Our vision is that golfers can all play and score a competition irrespective of their phone or app choices.

Who can use it?

We are looking for anybody that has written a golf scoring app that can see our vision.  We want to unite scoring while allowing users choice and flexibility.

This will be a FREE service to app developers.


How does it work?

The whole process simply uses four restful webservices that accept and return JSON.

How do you get started?

Each app will be given it’s own authorisation code that will allow access to the service.  Simply contact us using the “Contact Us” form, or email me simon@golfscroecardpro.com for a code.

Please give us as much detail as you can about your app.



Like everybody, I always find myself asking the question of how do they make it pay?

This service will be free to app developers.  It will also be free to users of small competitions.

Once out of beta we are planning to cap what we call a small competition, probably 3 rounds, 12 players, and start to charge for small fee for larger events.

These events will need to be setup via this website so no changes will need to be made to your apps.

Need more info?

If you have any questions please email us.