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Golf Scorecard Pro is a real time scoring system for golf tournaments.


Golf Scorecard Pro will eventually have a pricing structure for Individuals, Charities and Clubs.  However, while we are beta testing the service with your help and feedback we have decided to offer all competitions for free.  Well, it's not completely free, we would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you

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Once I have “Signed Up” what will I need to do?

Get started by following the four steps below:

1. Course

Enter the “Par” and “Stroke Index” for the desired course.

2. Competition

Using the course from section 1 create your competition. You simply need a “Name”, the “Date”, a “Course” and a “Scoring Method”.

3. Email Invite

Once your competition has been created invite the players.

4. Leaderboard

Finally, on the day of your competition, use the “Leaderboard” section to view the scores as they happen. Use the “Rounds” section to view each scorecard in detail.


Leaderboard Options

For team competitions you can switch between team and individual scores.

Competition Rounds

Review each round in details with a hole by hole summary of each group.


Take a moment to watch our demo video

NEW – Real time live Competition Scoring

This video takes you through Creating, Inviting players and scoring a competition all from your iPhone.